Payment Options for High Deductible Policies

1. M-Lend Financial offers financing of up to $50,000 with 0% interest for at least 12 months for qualified applicants. No costs to apply. Apply on-line at: or call them at 888-474- 6231. No required payoff or back accrued interest charges. No pre-payment penalties, pay off your balance at any time.

2. Pay with PayPal Credit through our website payment option (, Payment, Select “Pay your bill online”). For qualified PayPal customers, PayPal will give you 6 months, interest free financing.

3. If unable to pay the full amount at each visit, you may pay 75% of your deductible fee at each visit and defer the other 25% to be added to your copay after the deductible is met and paid off by the end of the year interest free. For this option our billing office will complete a payment contract for you to sign.

4. You can use your own credit card to pay.

5. We can give you a slightly discounted rate of $110 per visit if you become a cash pay client and we do NOT bill your insurance. Please note that we cannot offer a discount to you if your insurance is billed as they require that we hold you accountable for the full amount applied to your deductible. (Please read our brochure “Is billing your insurance really in your best interest? Some Options to Consider”)