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Insurance Center


Jenison Psychological Services will bill your services to your insurance carrier for you. We participate with the major insurance carriers. If you provide us with details regarding your insurance coverage by using the Insurance Form link below, our billing staff will verify your benefits and our office manager will contact you to discuss the details of your coverage prior to your first appointment. Any benefits quoted are an estimate and not a guarantee of coverage.

Please note that the accepted insurances may vary depending on the location and type of service. For more information on accepted insurances, you may contact your insurance provider or reach out to us for further information. Our helpful staff will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

If you prefer to inquire into your insurance benefits yourself, the Insurance Questions link below will provide you with a list of questions to ask your insurance carrier.

Follow the links below if you would like us to check into your insurance coverage for you. We cannot guarantee coverage, but we will provide you with an estimate.

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