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Jenison Psychological Services Scholarship opportunity:


Dear Students and Families:


I am pleased to announce that every spring Jenison Psychological Services will be offering a scholarship to the graduating class of Jenison public high school.  The scholarship is open to students pursuing an education in behavioral health or other medical related fields, and the winner will be selected based on their essay and resume submission, GPA and future educational goals.


I have had the pleasure of watching my children grow up and graduate high school in the Jenison area, and it is important to me as a mental health professional to give back to the community as much as I can.  Many of our therapists have extensive experience working with children and teenagers, and we know how important education is to a child’s well-being and self-esteem.  Additionally, I feel that behavioral health and medical careers are very rewarding, and I want to encourage high school graduates to pursue those fields.


Please feel free to contact our office at 616-457-0016, extension 0,  for more information regarding our scholarship.

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