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Smoking Cessation

The Quit Smart® Smoking Cessations program developed at Duke University Medical School is utilized in a four session format to end nicotine addiction. Includes hypnosis tape, Better Quit Artificial Cigarette, Quit Smart® Manual, Social support letters, and four session protocol to quit smoking successfully. Offered by Dr. Edward Schmitt, Certified "Quit Smart" Smoking Cessation Instructor. 

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Quitting Smoking with Quit Smart ®


Are You Ready to Quit Smoking?

Many people find solace in cigarettes. That's why Quit Smart's stop smoking kit and quitting smoking classes go beyond nicotine replacement to help people who are quitting smoking: They also assist smokers who are quitting smoking in overcoming their emotional dependence on cigarettes.

The Quit Smart® Stop Smoking Program was developed by the director of the respected Duke Medical Center Quit Smoking Clinic, and has been proven to help smokers quit smoking in three published scientific studies. In a study conducted at five U. S. Air Force bases, 66% of those who participated in a Quit Smart® Stop Smoking program were smoke free after 6 months, versus just 16 to 30% of those who participated in four other well-known quit smoking programs (published in Federal Practitioner, March 2002, pages 13-22).

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Why is it so difficult to quit smoking?


Emotional Dependence Smokers learn to rely on cigarettes, cigars or pipes as a best friend. Smoking gives them something to do when they feel bored, to pick them up when they feel blue, to keep them company, to reward them for accomplishments large and small. Quit Smart® teaches smokers ways to manage these situations without lighting up. 


Anyone who has become addicted to cigarettes knows that it's a tough habit to break. A person who smoked a pack a day for 20 years has taken more than a million puffs. Anything you do a million times becomes an important part of your existence. It can be difficult for a habitual smoker to talk on the phone or get through a meal without cigarettes. Many smokers believe it takes two things to start a car in the morning: the key, and a cigarette. The smoking habit is strong, but it is also dumb —any smoker can learn to outsmart it. 


Nicotine helps you relax, can improve concentration and memory and produces pleasurable feelings. It also has serious health consequences. Quit Smart® outlines a system that allows a smoker to reduce his or her reliance on nicotine gradually over a couple of weeks, then to quit smoking entirely

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Order Quit Smart® Kit

The Quit Smart Stop® Smoking Kit includes the Quit Smart® guidebook, the patented Better Quit® Simulated Cigarette (and carrying case) that lets you keep many of the pleasures of smoking, and the Quit Smart® Hypnosis Tape or CD, on which the deep melodic voice of Robert Conroy guides you through the process of quitting smoking (side 1) and becoming comfortable with not smoking (side 2). You may purchase the kit directly from Quit smart®. Quit Smart® Kit with Tape

Quit Smart® Kit with CD.

More Quit Smart Products

Quit Smart® Hypnosis CD 

Quit Smart® Hypnosis Tape 

Quit Smart® Hypnosis Tape (Spanish) 

BetterQuit® Cigarette Substitute

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Quit Smart® Product Details

The new 2003 Quit Smart® Stop Smoking Guidebook shows you how to ease off nicotine using a unique brand-fading procedure and optional use of medication. You are freed of the need to smoke. You also learn six secrets to relaxing without cigarettes, eleven urge-control techniques, seven ways to avoid weight gain, and more. 


The patented Better Quit® Simulated Cigarette lets you keep many of the pleasures of smoking. Enjoy the realistic feel of Better Quit. Take deep relaxing draws through the adjustable filter. A carrying case lets you keep Better Quit clean and close. Simply quit with Better Quit. 


Both the smoker's conscious mind and your unconscious mind have come to depend on cigarettes. In the Quit Smart® Stop Smoking Hypnosis Tape, the deep melodic voice of Robert Conroy guides you through the process of quitting (side 1) and becoming comfortable with not smoking (side 2). Available in English or Spanish. Also available on CD (English).

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Quit Smart® Stop Smoking Classes


Enroll in a Quit Smart® Stop Smoking Class and learn how to quit the smoking habit and overcome nicotine addiction. Quit Smart® instructors are located throughout the U. S. Each quit smoking class includes a Quit Smart® Stop Smoking Kit and personalized instruction from a health professional who has been trained and certified by Quit Smart® founder Dr. Robert Shipley. Individual instruction also is available, either in person or over the phone. Contact the Certified Quit Smart® Stop Smoking Instructor nearest you for more information. 

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