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Diana Steketee

M.A., L.L.P.*

Diana Steketee

Child Therapist specializing in Play Therapy

Comments from Diana Steketee about her approach to helping others:

Life can sometimes be challenging, even for children.  Like adults, children can face anxiety, depression, attention issues, and difficulty managing anger.  They suffer trauma and struggle with grief.  Unlike adults, children often do not have the words to talk about their difficulties.  They may not be developmentally able to understand the things with which they struggle.  Play therapy provides an effective way to help children express themselves and to learn new skills to help them cope with the problems they face.

Through the language of play, I accompany children as they work through the issues that cause them pain and disrupt their lives.  I provide a safe space for these little ones to express their feelings and an appealing way to learn and practice more effective coping strategies.

With children come parents and caregivers who worry about their little people and question the best approach to help them.  To help them, I provide support and training for caregivers in encouraging, guiding, and helping their children through their particular problems.  I also teach therapeutic play skills to parents when that is the most appropriate form of treatment.

Background and Education: 

Diana earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Hope College (1986) and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Western Michigan University (1999).  She is a Registered Play Therapist with extensive post-graduate training in utilizing play to treat children and adults.  Diana is active in the Michigan Association for Play Therapy, having served on the executive board for several years.  Diana has spent much of her career within the Child Welfare System.  She has worn many hats within the foster care system including CASA, licensing worker, caseworker, foster parent, and therapist.  Her special areas of interest include trauma, attachment, behavior challenges, post-adoptive struggles, ADHD, anxiety, and childhood depression.

If you have further questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call (616) 457-0016, extension 0.

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