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Jenison Psychological Services

The Place To Go For Understanding

Jenison Psychological Services is Jenison’s largest psychological practice and has been providing services for over 20 years. We are located at 1836 Baldwin. We provide high quality, individualized psychological treatment in a confidential and private practice setting. Our practice emphasizes psychological understanding and personal growth rather than use of medication.

Jenison Psychological is a multidisciplinary practice with Doctoral and Masters licensed psychologists and clinical social workers. Most of our therapists have over ten years of experience helping individuals grow and learn to master life’s problems. We offer a full range of services for individuals, couples and families, including children and adults. In order to serve a larger portion of our community, we have one bilingual therapist on staff.

Hablamos español! Haga clic aquí para visitar el perfil de nuestra terapeuta bilingüe, Janette Curtis.


Services include individual counseling, relationship counseling, psychotherapy and psychological assessments for a wide range of issues.

Experienced Staff

At Jenison Psychological Services we select the most experienced therapists who meet our high standards of professional skill and personal warmth. 

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1836 Baldwin Street 
Jenison, MI 49428 

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Jenison Therapists
Therapist help
Choosing a Therapist

After a person has decided to pursue therapy, the next decision they need to make is which practitioner they are going to see. Therapy is most successful when the client and the therapist work together, so it's important that you begin with someone you feel comfortable opening up to and feel you can establish a good rapport with. We can gather information from you that will be helpful in matching you to a therapist. 616-457-0016, ext 100.

Insurance Center in Jenison
Insurance Center

Follow the links below if you would like us to check into your insurance coverage for you. We cannot guarantee coverage, but we will provide you with an estimate.

Dr. Edward P. Schimitt

Dr. Edward P. Schmitt, Psy.D., F.A.A.D.Psy.

Director of Jenison Psychological Services with Over Twenty-Five Year's Experience in All Types of Clinical Therapy

Dr. Marie A. Mckay

Dr. Marie A. McKay-Schmitt, Psy.D.

Twenty-Five Year's Experience in All Types of Mental Health and Clinical Therapy

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